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Client Testimonials

Danny has taught literally hundreds of guitarists, these are just a few highlights from  students past and present.



"How lucky am I to have met Danny Giles. My guitar playing has improved more in the past 6 months than the past 20 years with Danny's tutelage.

He was recommended to me by a dear friend who is a professional guitarist himself - that alone was a massive endorsement. I have had loads of guitar tutors over the years and all have fallen short of the mark - Danny has been the only one to advance my playing.

Danny's capacity to channel his musical abilities into teaching are just phenomenal. He is able to perfectly balance patience with driving progress. I honestly cannot say enough good things about his teaching, his musicianship and his dedication to supporting me as a student. Plus he is such a lovely guy!

Don't pass the opportunity to work with him, believe me you will never regret it"




"My son loves his lessons with Danny! He inspires him to play creatively, allowing him to find his own musical voice, but also showing him how to improve his ear, technique and dexterity. Dan gives generously of his knowledge and passion for guitar, is warm and engaging and a great communicator. I feel it goes without saying but he's also a brilliant guitarist, and musician in his own right . We feel really lucky to have found him as a mentor"




"Danny Giles is an unbelievable guitarist and incredible teacher.

He's been so good at working on my struggles on guitar whilst improving my confidence in improvisation. He excels at bringing a high level of musicality to all elements of our lessons and caters to my specific needs. Definitely worth booking!

The Danny Giles Band - Internationally touring blues rock band. 


Beautifully hand crafted guitars, made in Sussex U.K.


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