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B i o g r a p h y

Coming from a long line of musicians, you could say that music is part of Danny’s DNA.


His love for playing the guitar manifested itself at the tender age of 7, when Danny showed an exceptional aptitude and skill for the instrument. By the age of 13 he was performing live with his father’s band, which lead to him recording his very first record a year later. 

The same year, Danny was accepted to the Academy of Contemporary Music, breaking the record for the youngest person to do so. This caught the attention of the Academy director, Bruce Dickinson, who put him forward for their most advanced course. This recognised Danny as a prodigious talent as well as a record breaker. Danny carried on with his schooling all the way to A Levels. By graduation he had played hundreds of shows all over the U.K., supporting and playing alongside some of the worlds most renowned guitarists.


In 2018 Danny began the prestigious position of lecturing in contemporary music performance at BIMM (British and Irish institute of modern music) following in the footsteps of his mentors. BIMM is the largest provider of musical education in Europe.

As a session guitarist Danny has contributed to many recordings for artists in varying genres, commercial work for TV and advertising. 


A demonstrator at events such as the London Guitar Show for brands including  Eich Amplification, LT Custom Guitars and Alchemy Pickups.


With many albums and international tours/ festivals under his belt, Danny Giles's career is going from strength to strength as  as guitarist and vocalist for British blues rock power trio 'The Danny Giles Band'


Danny runs his own private teaching practice where he instructs  aspiring guitarist of all levels as well as mentoring young talent to reach their full potential.”


"Now as a seasoned pro, Danny is  one of the worlds most up and coming talents on an international stage."



"Versatility and adaption to enviroments are the winning elements for a modern profesional musician to succeed, I like to think I take that attitude into everything that I do"


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